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My Form 1 finally came in, only took 11 months.

it just got weird… 

my Saker 556 arrived at the shop today… now its time to eFile.





my buddy Marco’s new SBR with Gemtech Halo…


"Hey, I just got this awesome new rifle… Let’s throw it in the dirt." 

This is not a thought that would ever go through my mind.

My dad does this with this rifles to see if they work after. Like every time. It’s useful I guess, but I’ve never been able to bring myself to do it. Maybe I’ll do it with my Bug-out rifle but that’d be it.

You nailed it, that’s exactly why we throw our rifles in the dirt, mud, and even run them on registered full auto lowers. Its to make sure it can handle anything when the times comes. It just sucks when you have to do a thorough cleaning after haha

thanks man.

that’s really hard to pick man… I’ll think about it.

Asked Anonymous

probably from when I was eating out your girl…

my buddy Marco’s new SBR with Gemtech Halo…


Kestrel 556

Some friends and I decided to get together at a private ranch and have some fun shooting our guns. An NFA collector that we know was nice enough to come out to let us shoot some of his registered machine guns.



Ari out shooting with me.

How do you like the SMR?

I absolutely love the SMR MK4 rail. This pic is of my buddies set up with the AFG which feels alright, but I have mine with just some KAC URX 3.1 panels. 

Its crazy to think I posted this over a year ago and it has become one of the most circulated pictures I have ever taken. I’ve seen it on countless Facebook pages, gun blogs, forums, and even The Chive. Oh, and just a heads up, she’s 15 years old guys.

I got tired of seeing all my pictures being posted on Facebook pages without credit being given. So, I now have a Facebook page for all my photography post. Go like it!